After a lengthy and successful career in investment banking, Scott Ryles has possibly found his highest calling as chief operating officer at Westlake Village BioPartners. As he explains, “This move allows me to bring the most innovative and cutting-edge investment practices to healthcare at a time when new cures are before us every day.”

After serving as chief operating officer at Silicon Valley’s storied venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, Ryles accepted the role of chief operating officer at Westlake Village BioPartners because he felt it was an exciting way to apply all that he had learned in ways that can improve human health outcomes.

In 1999, when Kleiner Perkins asked Ryles to “build a better bank” he realized that driving change excited him…it was contagious. But he wanted to do something more. “Curing cancer, or any other disease, is far more rewarding than any other company or project I have worked on,” he says.

During his career, Ryles has originated and executed more than $100 billion of private placements, IPOs, secondary offerings, convertible securities and mergers and acquisitions for companies in the financial services, utility, natural resources, media and retailing industries, as well as for private and public technology companies in America, Europe and Asia.

At Westlake Village BioPartners, Ryles is helping build the foundation of the new firm, led by some of the industry’s most respected scientific talent. He plays an active role with investment decisions and provides his extensive operational, financial and leadership expertise to turn new businesses and acquisitions into successful and effective operations.

Ryles also brings best practices, resources, and organizational skills to entrepreneurs so that great science can be transformed into cures that save or produce better lives. As he says, “The magic is the science, but the raw material is capital.”

His experience is broad and deep, including CEO roles in asset management, investment banking and insurance. From 2014 to 2018, he was the chief operating officer of Kleiner Perkins, and previously was the CEO of two Kleiner Perkins portfolio companies.

During his 18 years at Merrill Lynch, Ryles held various investment banking positions, including co-head of west coast investment banking, global head of natural resources and global head of technology. Ryles also served as vice chairman of Cowen and Company.

Ryles held numerous senior management and business operations roles throughout his career, including founder and CEO of Epoch Partners, an investment bank acquired by Goldman Sachs in 2001. Ryles served as president and CEO of Home Value Protection and co-founded and served as CEO of Echelon Capital Strategies. He has served on numerous private and public company boards, including KKR Financial and The Gymboree Corporation.

Chief Operating Officer