At Westlake Village BioPartners we help entrepreneurs do things that have never been done before

Our firm brings Silicon Valley access and experience to Los Angeles, an emerging biotech community that is fresh, unorthodox and exciting. From Silicon Beach to some of the most successful startups in biomedical history, the City of Angels is in the midst of becoming one of the world’s biotech hubs.

We are playing our part catalyzing the biopharma industry not just in the LA region but beyond. Technology can come from anywhere and we match our company building skills with interested entrepreneurs or academic centers.

Westlake Village Biopartners

From a leadership team that combines complementary skills in science and business with a track record of developing breakthrough products and high-value companies unlike anyone else in the life sciences venture community, we are forging new paths incubating and building life sciences companies that have the potential to bring transformative therapies and technologies to patients.

We want to work with people who have that same entrepreneurial spirit and passion to help patients in need; people who seek to push the boundaries of science and technology.

How we can help

We care about patients and impact on human health. We always keep the patient front of mind.

We are entrepreneur friendly. We work to bring new ideas to life through hands-on support and expertise.

We know how to build businesses. From startups to developing later-stage companies, we’ve developed the skills to help our partners accelerate the journey from concept to successful market launches. We know how to turn the science into innovative products that help patients.

We are fair. We understand the team is the first and best asset. We are partners. We want you to be part of the whole process. We want you to have skin in the game and know that we are on the same team. We cannot win unless you win.

We bring more than capital. We look for enterprise sustainability based on mutual trust and respect for all the people we work with. Our network is unrivaled. We have access to a broad and deep talent pool, additional funding resources, government, academia, large biopharma as well as private companies.

Our track record of successfully developing new products and generating high returns on capital is second to none. Our partners have developed new medicines at large pharmaceutical companies and smaller venture-backed startups. Our capital comes from the same institutions that are leaders in life science research.

We know that good ideas can come from anywhere. Our culture is one of openness, deep curiosity, transparency and honesty.

It is a two-way street…

What we are looking for

New technologies and therapeutic approaches. We have broad and deep scientific expertise to nurture startups in virtually any therapeutic area of medicine and in all drug modalities.

Entrepreneurs with breakthrough ideas who want partners in building companies and getting their technology to patients as soon as practicable. We are open to anything that is new and focuses on a serious unmet patient need.

Tech transfer offices who want to work with experienced drug development and company building experts to commercialize science and technology to benefit patients.

What's Next?

If you feel we could be a good fit for you, your team and your technology, let’s discuss how what you are developing is going to make a real difference in the lives of patients and how we can work with you to make that happen.